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About Us

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TLSN is a consortium of 41 Independent Rural Telecommunications Carriers in Texas. Our Member Owners have been providing quality telecom, data, broadband and telephone services to rural Texas customers for 50 to 100 years. TLSN members have been instrumental in the development of the broadband networks serving their many residential, commercial, healthcare, educational, agricultural and first responder and cellular customers in their licensed serving areas. TLSN has provided a robust research and educational network for several Texas Colleges for the last twenty years.   

 TLSN was established in 1998 to coordinate the completion of the Member owned statewide fiber optic network connecting rural service providers to each other and to the major data centers throughout the state. TLSN has one of the largest MPLS networks in Texas supported by technical personnel from its members. TLSN is the single point of contact for customers for all sales, marketing, engineering, provisioning, NOC 24x7 monitoring, network testing, billing, and collecting.  The TLSN core network reaches deeper into rural Texas than any other existing communications network via connectivity to their member companies. TLSN members provide fiber to the premise services in all their networks where feasibly possible.

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