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Texas Lone Star Network

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart" 

by Thomas Watson, Sr.

We here at TLSN strive to be the best we can be for our Members and our customers, pouring our heart, sweat, and determination into everything we do.

Meet The Team


Mike Miller
General Manager

Mike Miller became the General Manager at TLSN in February 2022.  He brought to TLSN over 25 years of telecom management, sales, and network implementation experience.  Mike served on the TLSN Board of Directors from early 2003 until 2005 while Interim General Manager at Valley Telephone.  Mikes vast knowledge and desire to see TLSN grow and expand to better serve its members and rural Texas drives him to make TLSN a recognized industry leader.  Mike is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA in Management.  Mike continues to lead TLSN and its employees to be Member focused, Member driven and dedicated to providing the best service possible at competitive prices.

Ron Woods
Sales Director

Ron Woods started working for TLSN in May of 2009.  Ron brings to TLSN over 33 years of telecommunications experience ranging from Central Office engineer to his current position of Director of Sales.  His engineering background and knowledge of TLSN members’ network capabilities and designs, allows a unique approach to the selling process. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS in Engineering and a minor in Telecommunications. 


Lavon Webb
Office/Accounting Manager

Lavon Webb started working at TLSN in May of 2012.  She brings with her over 28 years of accounting and office management experience.  As the current Office/Accounting Manager for TLSN, she is involved in every aspect of TLSN from accounting to personnel to implementation to billing.   Lavon’s dependability, positive attitude, and meticulous book-keeping skills help provide TLSN Members and customers with the assurance that they will have a positive experience. 


Kay Collins

Kay Collins has been the Provisioning Telecommunications Analyst for TLSN since 2013. She brings twenty-three years of Telecom experience in provisioning switched access, long-haul transport and all other varieties of network products for our members and enterprise customers in Texas. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the Texas regional networks enhances the customer service order and installation process. Her customer first attitude and dedication to on-schedule and correct installation is greatly appreciated.


Pablo Moreno
Technical Engineer

Pablo Moreno started working with TLSN in September 2003 and became a longtime fixture at TLSN in December of 2006.  Pablo started working in the telecom industry in 1989.  His vast knowledge and experience in telecommunications, the TLSN network, TLSN members and their network managers, provides a seamless implementation and maintenance of the network. Pablo has a degree from Southern Institute of Technology.  His commitment, reliability, and his diligent work ethic make him a valuable team member.

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