TLSN Completes Austin Metro Ring Construction



TLSN is proud to announce the completion of 6.5 miles of fiber construction in Southeast Austin’s industrial area which completes an Austin metro ring.  Using existing fiber in place from downtown Austin, TLSN’s new metro ring connects the SE industrial area to downtown.  The metro ring is 22 total miles and provides diverse entrance facilities into TLSN’s Austin POP located in the Data Foundry Texas 1 data center at 4100 Smith School Road.  The ring will be used for TLSN’s strategic customers in the area.

TLSN moved into the Data Foundry Texas1 facility in Nov 2012.  We are proud to be located in this world-class state-of-the-art data center and have the ability to connect any of our customers state-wide to utilize Data Foundry’s services.