Celebrating Our 20th Year


TLSN is celebrating our 20th year of serving our TLSN Members and customers.  TLSN started in 1998 with 7 Board Members: Robert Hunt (GVTC), Charlie Gowder (Valley Tel - GRCI now VTX), Danny Kellar (Coleman County Tel), Tim Humpert (Community Tel), Jim Miller (Kerrville Tel now Windstream), Max Newton (Peoples Tel) and Delbert Wilson (Central Texas Tel).  The Board hired Brad Seymour to coordinate with the Texas telcos to connect their fiber networks together to create a statewide network.  In 1998, it was our goal to create an OC48 SONET network.  Brad also worked with the Members to aggregate and establish Long Distance services.  In 2000, the Board hired Russ McNeil as General Manager.  Russ moved the office to Marble Falls where it is still located.  Russ retired in late 2005 and the Board promoted Brad Seymour to General Manager.  Brad coordinated with the Members to …

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Jamey Wigley Elected to TLSN Board of Directors


TLSN is proud to announce that Jamey Wigley, General Manager at Central Texas Telephone Cooperative was elected to the TLSN Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting on June 14 at South Padre Island. Jamey has worked at CTTC for 27 years and served as the GM for the past 14 years. We are excited to welcome him and look forward to working with him. Jamey is filling the position vacated by Cliff Humpert who decided not to run for re-election. We appreciate Cliff's service on the Board and wish him all the best.

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HCTC New Data Center


TLSN is proud to congratulate Delbert Wilson and all of his fine team of employees at Hill Country Telephone Cooperative (HCTC) on their launch of the new HCTC Data Center in Ingram. As many rural telcos are seeking and evaluating new revenue generating services, we applaud Delbert’s leadership in building for HCTC’s future. Be sure to click on HCTC’s link below which will take you to HCTC’s website for much more information on the HCTC Data Center and their new headquarters office. HCTC will be glad to provide you a tour of their new facilities if you would like to visit. You can contact:

Craig Cook, HCTC COO at 830-367-5333

Buddy Vaughan, HCTC Manager - Business Development at 830-367-6232


At HCTC, we recognize that your business relies on communications and information to be readily available at all times.  Therefore, we have …

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INDATEL Celebrates 10 Years at Summer Symposium


INDATEL celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the INDATEL Summer Symposium in Kansas City on June 14 & 15.  TLSN has been an INDATEL Member since day one.  Retired TLSN General Manager, Russ McNeil along with Max Huffman who was then at Missouri Network Alliance and Scott Hoffman with Wisconsin Independent Network started INDATEL in 2006.  INDATEL Members now cover 27 states.  Check out for more info on this great organization.

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TLSN Debuts New Network Map


TLSN debuted a new network map on June 8 at the TLSN Annual Membership Meeting held at South Padre Island, TX.  The map was produced by EPI Communications Consultants ( and shows TLSN Member Telcos' service areas and the TLSN Fiber Backbone.  Special thanks to Rick Overman and Joe Mendez at EPI.  TLSN Offers Layer2 Carrier Ethernet services, DWDM networks and IP/MPLS solutions at more cities than anyone else in Texas.  TLSN is your best solution.

 TLSN Large Map



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Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative Joins TLSN as 41st Member


Texas Lone Star Network is proud to announce Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative has joined TLSN as its 41stMember.  Leaco has already built a direct fiber connection into the TLSN Backbone Network.  TLSN is very excited to welcome Sid Applin, LEACO CEO/General Manager and all his team to the TLSN family.    We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship for many years to come.

Leaco Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is a telecommunications company providing high-quality products and services to customers in Southeast New Mexico and a small section of West Texas.  Leaco provides broadband, land line, and cellular telephone service with a particular emphasis towards serving our rural communities’ communication needs. 

“Leaco” has been in existence since 1954, and it was born from true necessity.  Southeastern New Mexico residents deserved to have …

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