Celebrating Our 20th Year


TLSN is celebrating our 20th year of serving our TLSN Members and customers.  TLSN started in 1998 with 7 Board Members: Robert Hunt (GVTC), Charlie Gowder (Valley Tel - GRCI now VTX), Danny Kellar (Coleman County Tel), Tim Humpert (Community Tel), Jim Miller (Kerrville Tel now Windstream), Max Newton (Peoples Tel) and Delbert Wilson (Central Texas Tel).  The Board hired Brad Seymour to coordinate with the Texas telcos to connect their fiber networks together to create a statewide network.  In 1998, it was our goal to create an OC48 SONET network.  Brad also worked with the Members to aggregate and establish Long Distance services.  In 2000, the Board hired Russ McNeil as General Manager.  Russ moved the office to Marble Falls where it is still located.  Russ retired in late 2005 and the Board promoted Brad Seymour to General Manager.  Brad coordinated with the Members to …

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