Plateau's New Data Center


Plateau has completed the construction of their new data center at their headquarters campus just north of Clovis, NM.

Plateau has been a TLSN Member since day 1 in 1998.  TLSN congratulates the Plateau team on this awesome accomplishment.

About Our Data Center

Plateau’s mission is to “provide dependable area-wide communication and information services at the lowest price,
consistent with sound economy and good management”. We recognize that business needs for advanced
technologies continue to grow. In today’s world, with technology changing at such a rapid pace, Plateau strives to
ensure customers’ needs are met for the foreseeable future.
With the nearest Data Center several hours away and those needs in mind, we built a state-of-the-art Data Center
that provides colocation space and concurrently maintainable power, as well as data backup and virtual servers. It
delivers enhanced security features via redundant generators, UPS, In-Row Cooling Systems, and fiber network
redundancy. Also available is an administrative area suitable for disaster recovery operations for small to mediumsized
businesses along with an experienced group of IT professionals.
Any business or institution looking to reduce risk and IT expenses should consider Plateau’s Data Center services
for colocation, disaster recovery, off-site backup of critical data, or virtual servers to run its software.