David Schmid Promoted to Director of Operations


TLSN is proud to announce David Schmid has been promoted to Director of Operations.  David has over 30 years’ experience in the telecom industry.  David has been a tremendously valuable member of the TLSN Staff for 17 years.  David served as Sr Network Engineer for 9 years and then was promoted to Operations Manager in 2012.  David has engineered, planned, coordinated, and executed every TLSN expansion project and network upgrade for the past 8 years as Operations Manager.  David has guided the growth of TLSN from SONET to our first Optical DWDM, IP/MPLS deployment of 13 Cisco ASR9K routers, and now to our new Cisco 200G Packet Optical DWDM system.

David is highly respected by all the TLSN Members who are segment owners in the network.  Large TLSN national carrier customers are all familiar with David’s professionalism and have very positive experiences with David and his …

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Plateau's New Data Center


Plateau has completed the construction of their new data center at their headquarters campus just north of Clovis, NM.

Plateau has been a TLSN Member since day 1 in 1998.  TLSN congratulates the Plateau team on this awesome accomplishment.

About Our Data Center

Plateau’s mission is to “provide dependable area-wide communication and information services at the lowest price,
consistent with sound economy and good management”. We recognize that business needs for advanced
technologies continue to grow. In today’s world, with technology changing at such a rapid pace, Plateau strives to
ensure customers’ needs are met for the foreseeable future.
With the nearest Data Center several hours away and those needs in mind, we built a state-of-the-art Data Center
that provides colocation space and concurrently maintainable power, as well as data backup and virtual servers. It
delivers enhanced …

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Amy Hale Joins TLSN


TLSN is proud to announce Amy Hale has joined TLSN as Member Relations/Customer Services Manager.  Amy has over 15 years of telecom experience in account management, customer service, and project management.  Amy was previously a Client Services Manager with Inteliquent since 2002.  Amy is an Eastern Illinois University graduate, has two daughters Grace and Gretchen, and will be relocating to the Austin area. 

One of the main goals of TLSN's Strategic Plan by Management and the Board of Directors is to increase value for TLSN Members.  Amy will be educating TLSN members on all the services available to them through TLSN and helping them sell those services to their customers.

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Jason Stehling Joins TLSN as Sales Director



TLSN is proud to announce Jason Stehling has joined TLSN as Sales Director.  Jason has 20 years’ experience and knowledge in the telecom sales industry.  Jason was a sales rep at NTS Communications in Lubbock for over 8 years.  Jason was also in the wholesale carrier sales group at Centurylink for 11 years working with large national carriers.  Jason is a Texas Tech graduate and lives with his family in Lubbock.  We are excited to have Jason on our team. 




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TLSN Fiber Backbone is Now Over 10,000 Fiber Route Miles




TLSN is proud to announce the TLSN DWDM Fiber Backbone is now well over 10,000 fiber route miles.  With new routes added by TLSN Members in Central and South TX, we have exceeded the 10,000-mile mark.  TLSN and our Members are committed to meeting the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of our customers for 100G and beyond.  A new statewide map and regional maps have been posted on our website for viewing.  


TLSN Member Telcos continue to provide excellent 24X7 maintenance on all their fiber segments and electronics.  With the support of the TLSN Members, we have more boots on the ground for network restoration in an outage situation than anyone else.



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